NGUYEN Duc Dung, PhD
Head of BKEMMA

Research interests:
- Magnetic properties and electronic structure of rare earth - transition metal alloy systems
- Materials based on rare earth - transition metal
- Fabrication and magnetic, optical properties of nanostructures

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Phone: +84 243 6230 435
Email: dung.nguyenduc [at]

NGUYEN Huu Dung, PhD

Research interests:

- Nanomagnetism

- Magnetocaloric materials and magnetic refrigeration applications

Magnetic and structural phase transitions

- Electron microscopy and microanalysis

- Diluted magnetic semiconductors 

Phone: +84 243 6230 435
Email: dung.nguyenhuu1 [at]

PHAM The Kien, MSc

Research interests:
- Nanostructured semiconductors (ZnS, ZnO) and applications.
- Phosphor materials and light-emitting diode
- Carbon materials

Phone: +84 926 525 626
Email: kien.phamthe [at]

PhD students


NGUYEN Huu Cuong, MSc

LE Thanh Cong, MSc

LE Thanh Cuong, MSc

MSc / BSc Students


CAO Thai Son

Email: scao91 [at]


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